Felipe Saunier

From Circle Of The Crone

Player - Jay Rivera. Home domain of NYC, NY

Current Name - Felipe Saunier

Known Aliases from the past - Basil

Age - Known Elder.

Primary Location - Felipe resides in NYC, a city he arrived in around 1940. It is well known that his original home is New Orleans, Louisiana and that he still considers La Belle Nouveau D'Orleans to be his home.

Specialties - Voodoo, and specifically Ghosts. Felipe is known to have been a Voodoun long before his Embrace several hundred years ago, and to have always been a spirit medium.

Known Information - Felipe is a light skinned quadroon from New Orleans. He is a man of many facets. Like his home city, he is a strange blend of refined tastes and decadent pleasures. Dedicated to his Loa, Erzulie Freda, he is known to as easily relate to her connections to love and creation as to vengeance and destruction. Both Seer and voudoun, he is also a Ventrue Lord, and well able to navigate the political Danse of Kindred politics.

His general philosophy is one of balance. There is no absolute Good or absolute Evil. There are choices and there is a price for each choice. There is a lesser extent of right and wrong, but even that matters only in that one must accept the price of any choice. One must balance right with wrong and balance the beast with intellect.

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